The Music Man Project Podcast

Dr Natalie Bradford

June 17, 2021 The Music Man Project Season 2 Episode 4
The Music Man Project Podcast
Dr Natalie Bradford
Show Notes

This week we talk to our very own Dr Natalie Bradford, who recently published her ground-breaking research PhD at the Royal College of Music about the impact of musical participation on adults with Down's Syndrome. Natalie's research can be read in full here: Academic Research | The Music Man Project UK

We also pay to tribute to the late violinist Lorraine Kelly, who sadly passed away from Cancer in 2018. Lorraine was a wonderful supporter of The Music Man Project, and our Royal Albert Hall orchestra was formed in her memory.  

The Music Man Project is a multi award-winning, world record-breaking music education and performance service for people with disabilities - direct from the Royal Albert Hall! It started in Essex but has spread right across the globe! 

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