People in Transition

50. AJ Eckstein - Career and transition coach

March 20, 2022 Bob Gerst Season 1 Episode 50
People in Transition
50. AJ Eckstein - Career and transition coach
Show Notes

AJ Eckstein founded Career Coaching Company during the COVID-19 pandemic to “pay it forward” and help students and professionals land their dream internships and jobs. He built up the coaching team to include over 15 coaches who are recent grads at top companies that specialize in 1-on-1, live tailored coaching. AJ previously coached over 320 hours and has helped over 100 individuals land top offers.  AJ is a 5x intern and has worked for Fortune 100 companies like Disney and tech startups like TeleSign.  In addition, AJ was awarded "Most Outstanding President" & "Diversity & Inclusion Award" out of 20,000 USC undergrad.  For more information on AJ, go to his website,

In this episode, AJ talks with us about:

·        Almost all recruiters/hiring managers will use LinkedIn to help them fill positions – make sure your page is current and represents you well.

·        Doing interviews on telephone requires the candidate to make up for the lack of visual communication, some ideas to help include to stand up during the interview and bring energy/passion to your voice.

·        To help stay focused during your job search, you may want to have an accountability buddy.

·        There probably is no complete course or video on networking – you just need to dive in and do it, start early, be comfortable with the uncomfortable feelings it may bring you and be excited about the potential for new friends or connections.

·        Networking is all about building long term relations vs. a transaction of getting more business cards or a job lead.

·        Don’t be afraid to ask for help in your transition.

 No matter if you are a college senior looking for that first job, or a more experience professional, AJ has insights into the recruiting process that will help you.  He brings energy, experience, and creativity to the job search process.  I know you will want to listen to this episode more than once to make sure you get all the recruiting tips and techniques AJ shares.

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