People in Transition

51. Marsha Friedman - Career and Personal Transformation Coach

April 03, 2022 Bob Gerst Season 1 Episode 51
People in Transition
51. Marsha Friedman - Career and Personal Transformation Coach
Show Notes

Marsha Friedman is a Career and Personal Transformation Coach for professionals who are struggling to get through the challenges of life, which are affecting their family, finances, relationships, or career.  Marsha helps her clients rediscover their passion, reinvent their lives, and reach their full potential.   
 Prior to founding MEF Coaching & Consulting Group, Marsha was the head of learning and organization development for Diebold Global Service Logistics. 
 Marsha is co-facilitator of Summit Networking Group for executive level jobseekers.  Marsha is also the author of Surviving & Thriving Despite the Drama and Job Search Mastery: How to obliterate obstacles on the path to your next job.  For more information on Marsha, go to, 

In this episode, Marsha discusses with us:

·         If you are looking for that next great job opportunity, you should develop your own marketing plan to help guide your job search efforts.

·         Everyone should have an accomplishment log or “brag book” to help them deal with the dark times they may have during their job search and to provide concrete examples of asked how you have added value in past.

·         Effective job search starts with you, have you stayed current/relevant, how can you bring value, and know what you are looking for.

·         Do something positive for yourself each day – be kind to yourself during the journey.

.         For more information on how to ask for help on your job search, go to,

In her networking groups and during her podcast, Marsha talks about the importance of selfcare, positive emotions and a “I can do this” attitude.  Even if you are not looking for that next job right now, Marsha’s coaching will help you have a better day/week/life.