People in Transition

52. Bruna De Palo - Neuroscience-based Executive Coach

April 17, 2022 Bob Gerst Season 1 Episode 52
People in Transition
52. Bruna De Palo - Neuroscience-based Executive Coach
Show Notes

With a unique, innovative, and practical evidence-led, neuroscience-based approach ICF certified Executive, Leadership and Career Coach, Bruna De Palo empowers people to understand why the brain triggers certain behaviors and how to optimize its functions. With an ability to bring cutting-edge neuroscience concepts to life through practical frameworks and tools, she helps people stop acting as Human Doings and start living as Human Beings and feel alive at work.

In this episode, Bruna discusses many transition tips and techniques, including:

·         It is not money or title that is important, it is to feel “alive” that is key; and we feel most “alive” when we use our own special gifts.

·         You should use/expand your personal network before you go to job boards in your search.

·         Emotional intelligence leads to wellbeing which leads to feeling alive at your work.

·         Fear of the unknown is often what stops people from finding their next great job opportunity, a coach can help you work through this challenge.

·         A networking group can help you deal with your fear on networking.

·         To improve your marketability, you need to show how you can solve the companies’ problems.

·         Always bring who you are to what you do.

·         Go For It!  Bruna motto for life.

Bruna provides so many great ideas on knowing yourself, the actions you need to take to make your career transition and a science-based career change framework.  Focusing on developing self-awareness, emotional intelligence, self-regulation, and the power of "bringing who they are into what they do", participants increased their confidence, control, and balance to lead a more fulfilling life.  For more information go to  Enjoy!!