People in Transition

61. Michael Yinger -COO/Co-Founder at Resume Sieve and Talent Acquisition expert

August 21, 2022 Bob Gerst Season 2 Episode 61
People in Transition
61. Michael Yinger -COO/Co-Founder at Resume Sieve and Talent Acquisition expert
Show Notes

Michael Yinger is a seasoned senior executive with experience creating, building, and managing organizations and providing strategic advice via Board of Directors membership both in the US and internationally. Over the course of his career, Mr. Yinger has delivered positive results (sales growth of 10-20% in a down market), dealt with senior level clients (CxO level), and established efficient organizations and partnerships in several different industries, within startups and established companies.  Currently, he is Co-Founder and COO of Resume Sieve.  “The Sieve™ is a cloud-based AI driven platform designed to help the recruiting and hiring community take the guesswork out of evaluating and ranking resumes against the required and preferred skills for the job.”

 During our 30 minutes together, Michael shared many tips and ideas on how to find your next great job, including:

 ·         Provided guidelines on how to make your resume ATS compliant.

·         Key mistakes he has seen in resumes like, leaving things off that should be included. editing mistakes, and not tailoring resume for the position you are applying for.

·         On your resume and all social media platforms, it is best that you speak to the results you achieved, this is what recruiters are looking for.

·         More jobs are posted at the end of the week so you should schedule your time then as you will find the opportunities listed greatest at that time.

·         It is best that you set small goals for yourself, daily and weekly, and work to accomplish these goals, this should ultimately lead you to finding your next great job opportunity, but that is really the result of achieving the daily/weekly goals.

·         In you search, it is important that you always remain honest (with self and others) and be persistent (job search is hard and it takes determination).

 Michael is a seasoned business professional that understands recruiting and hiring process.  He was very candid and transparent in his comments.  If you are looking to help make your job search, go faster with more positive results, Michael can assist you.  As always, please share this episode with a friend and leave me any comments or questions you might have.  Thanks!