People in Transition

82. Bill Cowan - Author, speaker, career transition expert

June 11, 2023 Bob Gerst Season 3 Episode 82
People in Transition
82. Bill Cowan - Author, speaker, career transition expert
Show Notes

 Preparing Yourself to Manage Your Job Search in the Most Effective Way

Are you considering how to achieve your true career potential?  Do you have relatives at school or university who need help finding a great job to launch their winning career?


 Then this podcast will catapult your thinking into a new and productive gear.  Very importantly, the podcast covers a range of essential life skills not taught at school or university.

 First,  you’ll learn the seven guiding principles which underlie any successful job search.

 Then your host, Bob Gerst, and his guest William Cowan will discuss why it is vital to: 

  • Understand what makes you unique and how to communicate this; 
  • Build your network and seek warm network connections for life;
  • Prepare and practice your answers to three common questions;
  • Conduct thorough research, identify issues, and rehearse before an interview;
  • Be sharp, to the point, and passionate during an interview.

This podcast also covers many other significant ideas, including resumes, resources, and LinkedIn.  You must understand these areas to be successful in today’s job market.  

PLEASE – share this with others who need support and guidance to make their job search more successful. 

William Cowan has over 30 years of experience in CEO and Board positions worldwide.  As a leading career coach, he has provided practical career guidance to over 1,000 senior executives.  

 His new book - Building a Winning Career - describes the strategies that will best position you for success when looking for a new job. It will also help you avoid common mistakes in building your career.  The book has received over 150 five-star reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

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