People in Transition

83. Jeff Ton - author, IT executive and job transition expert

June 25, 2023 Bob Gerst Season 3 Episode 83
People in Transition
83. Jeff Ton - author, IT executive and job transition expert
Show Notes

Jeff Ton is a sought-after speaker, author, and thought leader, having led powerful teams and built successful Information Technology departments for over 30 years.   Jeff describes the IT landscape simply by saying, “Businesses today are demanding more from their technology and their technology leaders.”

 In more than three decades, Jeff has served as Chief Information Officer with Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana and Lauth Property Group.  He has 14 years of experience in various technology roles with Thomson Multimedia (RCA).  Later in his career, Jeff “moved to the other side of the desk” by joining the executive team at InterVision Systems.  After helping to guide several acquisition integrations, he left to devote his energies to his mission of changing the face of IT. 

 Jeff is the author of Amplify Your Value (2018) and Amplify Your Job Search (2020) and is a frequent keynote speaker on topics related to the evolving IT landscape.  Meet Jeff and learn more at

 He is also the host of the Status Go podcast, powered by InterVision Systems. This weekly podcast targets the technology professional who wants to break out of the status quo. Find it at or wherever you get your podcasts. 





 Key topics we discussed in this episode included:

 ·         During your networking, always ask, “Who are three people I should talk with?” this is how you grow your network to help you in your search and career.

·         A dream job leverages your strengths, passion, purpose, and values.

·         Your dream job does not have to be your last job.

·         How do you maximize your strengths to make your weaknesses irrelevant?

·         The resume reader needs to know you can solve their problems.

·         If your resume is getting you interviews,  but you are not getting to the next step, you need to ask yourself some tough questions about how you might not be answering the questions impactful enough, and then work on improving your responses next time. 

 Jeff had so many great ideas to help a job seeker be more successful.  Starting Monday, I know you will have a handful of things from Jeff you can do to find your next great job faster and easier.  

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