People in Transition

12. Greg Gurniak

June 28, 2020 Bob Gerst Season 1 Episode 12
People in Transition
12. Greg Gurniak
Show Notes

Greg is an ordained Metaphysical Minister, acupuncturist (traditional Chinese medicine) and a clinical and medical hypnotist.  He has studied many other holistic treatment modalities, which he will use for patients when appropriate.  His personal mission, as a problem solver, is to help people feel better, naturally.  In this episode, Greg talks about ways people can stay focused and positive, even during the most difficult transitions.  He outlines his 4 steps to make transitions easier:

·         Have a positive attitude

·         Stay calm - this will pass

·         Be practical in your approach

·         Have a support system that help you stay positive and motivated

 This is a real caring episode and I know you will get a lot from Greg's wisdom and practical advice.  Also, to get more information from Greg, go to 

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