People in Transition

44. Tiffany Franklin - Career Exploration Expert

December 13, 2021 Bob Gerst Season 1 Episode 44
People in Transition
44. Tiffany Franklin - Career Exploration Expert
Show Notes

We are so fortunate to have Tiffany Franklin join us for this episode. Tiffany has dedicated her career to helping people conceptualize and implement strategies for an effective and efficient job search. Since 1998, she has worked at three university career centers (UPenn, Vanderbilt, Drexel) and spent time as a recruiter for an international creative staffing firm. In 2011, she launched a side executive career consulting practice and has advised over 1,000 global clients across industries with a significant portion working for Fortune 500 employers. Her specialties include career exploration, job search strategy (identifying opportunities, resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, bios, mock interviews, evaluating and negotiating offers), as well as leadership development. Vanderbilt University named Tiffany one of their career coaches for alumni in 2014.  Last year, Tiffany transitioned her side business, TJF Career Coaching LLC, into her full-time job and she launched her podcast, Job Search Strategies with Tiffany Franklin in June 2021.    You can find her website:

In this episode, Tiffany discusses many job search topics, including:

 ·       Be targeted in your search, don’t just blast out resumes, and make sure you tailor your resume to the company you are sending it to.

·       Provided some ideas on how to handle ZOOM interviews, such as professional background, check your technology that all is working and practice your responses to standard recruiting type questions.

·       She described how to use CAR in answering questions – Challenge you had, Action you took, and positive Results achieved.

·       Asking the hiring manager good questions shows you are interested, and you did some research on the company.

·       The significant things she wants anyone in transition to remember is to have perspective, be persistent and keep an open mind.

* Tiffany shared the following exercise which helps you identify the work and personal values that are most important to you. The list describes values and attitudes related to job satisfaction. It's a great exercise to complete at the beginning of a job search to provide direction for your search and at the end as you decide among offers. It only takes 5 minutes!

Tiffany has such great recruiting knowledge, no matter if you are a senior heading to your first job or an experienced professional, her skills and advice work.  I know you will enjoy this episode as much as I did and as always, please leave me any comments about the program and share it with a friend.