People in Transition

45. Tami Jaffe - Business Success Coach

January 09, 2022 Bob Gerst Season 1 Episode 45
People in Transition
45. Tami Jaffe - Business Success Coach
Show Notes

In this episode, we are so fortunate to have Tami Jaffe, a success coach and consultant who has a passion for inspiring ambitious professionals who are dreaming to do something new or want to start a business.  She has a broad range of expertise and interest including:

·        Business start up

·        Corporate leadership

·        Keynote speaker

·        Real estate consulting

·        Job transition support 

Tami covered topics about job change strategy and if you decide to go start your own business.  Some key topics included:

·        99% of your first customers are people you already know

·        When you start your own business, be clear on who and what your product/service can solve, don’t get caught up in the new shinny app or process that promises you overnight success and make sure you learn from others who have done what your business will do

·        Fear is the biggest factor to hold people back in making a change – even if it is a good change

·        Her key transition advice – make the decision and commit to it, get inspired on what you want to do as this will be your motivation during the tough times and you don’t have to do everything at first, but you do need to take that first step

I know you will enjoy listening to Tami as much as I did.  She has incredible business knowledge coupled with a passion to help people find their next great opportunity, in a traditional role or starting their own business.  You will want to listen to this episode a few times and make sure you share it with others.  For more information about Tami go to .