People in Transition

48. Cord Harper - Career Advisor

February 20, 2022 Bob Gerst Season 1 Episode 48
People in Transition
48. Cord Harper - Career Advisor
Show Notes

Cord Harper is the founder and CEO of Endeavor Agency, one of the leading career transition and outplacement firms in the US for executives and professionals. Cord founded Endeavor Agency in 2011 to help executives and professionals gain every advantage for themselves in the challenging process of making a career change. Prior to that he led the physician division of one of the largest healthcare recruiting firms in the country, Maxim Healthcare. His early career covered many different industries including, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, hospitality, real estate, construction, and agriculture. His LinkedIn profile lists that he is a "Disciple of Taking Action" and anyone who knows or works with Cord will agree he lives his life “in action”!

In this episode, Cord discusses many transition tips and techniques, including:

·         Managing your internal emotions/communications is a key to transition success

·         Looking for a job means you will have rejections – and that hurts – an accountability partner can help you deal with the emotions tied up in rejection

·         Fear keeps us from networking – but really there is no downside to reaching out to new connections – the worse that it can be is they don’t want to connect with you and then you move on

·         Have a work plan to help guide you through the transition – and execute it each day

·         Your LinkedIn brand, including your picture on it, is an important part of your marketing material

·         Get some help – accountability partner or professional support – to be a part of your transition management/job search

Cord has helped scores of people as they change jobs.  His favorite line that sums up Cord and this episode so well is, “I love starting conversations with new people every day. Amazing things happen when you go on a voyage of exploration. Above all, take action and make it happen.” I think you will enjoy the recording and as always, share with me any feedback and share this with others