Homemaker Chic
Taking Care of Business: The Fall Overhaul
Taking Care of Business: The Fall Overhaul 1:33:51 Taking Care of Garlic Ice Cubes - Season 13 Premiere! 1:20:07 Ang is on FIRE & Shaye's Outta Here! - SEASON FINALE! 1:34:20 Unused Baby Names and Schedule Games - Questioning Your Summer! 1:31:32 Periods and Postpartum - Questioning Our Summer 1:32:12 Questioning Your Summer: Weight Loss and Shampoo 1:25:24 More Meat? Mascara? Still with the questions! 1:33:01 Armpits and Pigs - Questioning Your Summer Continues 1:22:13 Your Next Question IS... 1:27:13 NO Sunscreen? Questioning Our Summer Q and A Continues... 1:31:34 Raw Milk-n-More, Questioning our Summer 1:26:57 Questioning Nigella’s ‘Microwave’ 1:26:11 Season 12 Premiere! 1:24:16 Season 11 Finale! 58:56 Prepared Makes Clean 59:31 Prepared for Poise with Madame Chic 1:01:10 Prepared Makes a Veg Garden 1:01:18 This, That, and Everything In Between. 1:01:27 Girlfriend Chat: Back from the Sickness 1:03:00 Longevity - You prepped? Part II 1:00:37 Longevity - You prepped? Part I 1:02:00 Do you need a REST? Prepared for Rest 58:28 Signature Moves - Part III 1:05:10 Prepped for DIY, Baby! 1:00:19 Prepared to Leave the House? 1:01:34