The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast

#19 - Julio Cabrera 'Questionaire on Antinatalism' (Full interview on Youtube!)

September 15, 2020 Amanda Oldphan Sukenick
The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast
#19 - Julio Cabrera 'Questionaire on Antinatalism' (Full interview on Youtube!)
Show Notes

Watch the full episode HERE!:
Hello to all of The Exploring Antinatalism Podcasts listeners, on platforms other than Youtube! If you are listening to this recording, you are no doubt expecting to hear the audio from our amazing interview with Julio Cabrera! However, I must inform you that that interview can not be found here. Due to the immense language barrier between Mr. Cabrera and myself, a simple one on one interview was impossible to produce. However, because Mr. Cabrera sincerely wished to be apart of the podcast, and to answer all of the many questions that were submitted to him by the Antinatalist community, he proposed instead to painstakingly produce a remarkable film of himself, which includes both text answers, as well as exclusive video footage of Mr. Cabrera, answering our questions himself! So if you wish to see this interview, which again exists on Youtube in video form only, please follow the link in the description to the Youtube video! Longer, written versions of this interview, where Mr. Cabreras answers even more of the questions that were sent to him, will also soon be available on the Exploring Antinatalism website,, in multiple languages no less! On behalf of the entire Antinatalist community, I want to say the most sincerely thank you for all the time and effort Mr. Cabrera put into producing this interview! Thank you Julio! So once again, follow the link, and head on to Youtube to see the video! I hope you enjoy this rare and exclusive look into the Negative Ethics of, legendary South American Antinatalist, Julio Cabrera! 
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