The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast

#25 - Seven of Swords

December 15, 2020 Amanda Oldphan Sukenick
The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast
#25 - Seven of Swords
Show Notes

Welcome to the Twenty-Fifth episode of The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast! Today, Amanda ‘Oldphan’ Sukenick, and Mark J. Maharaj speaks with Antinatalist Youtube video essayist, Seven of Swords!

Please Subscribe to SevenofSwords on Youtube, make sure to catch one of his streams on Twitch, follow him on Reddit, Twitter, and Spotify, and also check out his reading list! Links in our description!:

1. Mark Fisher's "Capitalist Realism" 
2. David Benatar's "Better to have Never Been" 
3. Julio Cabrera's "Critique of Affirmative Morality" 
4. Books I & II of Plato's "Republic" 
5. Rene Descartes's "Meditations on First Philosophy" (Just the first Meditation) 
6. "Meltdown" By Nick Land, From his book "Fanged Noumena 
7. "Circuitries" By Nick Land, From his book "Fanged Noumena" 
8. "The Means of Correct Training" By Michel Foucault taken from his "Discipline and Punish"

Mark Fisher Anti-Natal Links:
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