The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast

#28 - Masahiro Morioka

February 01, 2021 Amanda Oldphan Sukenick
The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast
#28 - Masahiro Morioka
Show Notes

Welcome to the Twenty-eight episode of The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast! Today, Amanda Sukenick speaks with Japanese Professor of Philosophy & Ethics at Wasada University, and author of the recent work, 生まれてこないほうが良かったのか? Which translates to, Is It Better Never To Nave Been Born?, Masahiro Morioka!

Follow Mr. Morioka on Twitter, and subscribe to his Youtube channel Tokyo Philosophy Project! You can also buy his book on Amazon, and also check out a hugely revised list of his Antinatalism Categories project!

YT Channel: Tokyo Philosophy Project:

生まれてこないほうが良かったのか? ――生命の哲学へ! (筑摩選書)

現代思想 2019年11月号 特集=反出生主義を考える ―「生まれてこない方が良かった」という思想―

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