The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast

#33 - ANI Spotlight: Laith Malek Reem

April 15, 2021 Amanda Oldphan Sukenick
The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast
#33 - ANI Spotlight: Laith Malek Reem
Show Notes

Welcome to the Thirty-third episode of The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast! Today, Amanda Sukenick with be speaking with fellow founder of Antinatalism International, 
Co-author of An Antinatalist Handbook: Responses to Common Natalist Excuses, Founder of the famous Arabic page of EFILIsm, host of The Opposite Thought, and our ambassador to the Arabic Antinatalist world, Laith Malek Reem! 

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*Both Laith and I have awful internet connections, so sadly we weren’t able to really do a one on one, and had to record the questions and answers separately! 

Thank you for listening to The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast! 
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