The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast

#34 - Christopher Belshaw

May 01, 2021 Amanda Oldphan Sukenick
The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast
#34 - Christopher Belshaw
Show Notes

Welcome to the thirty-forth episode of The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast! Today, Amanda Sukenick and Mark J. Maharaj speak with Honorary Fellow at the Department of Philosophy at The University of York, & author of several books including, of The Value And Meaning of Life, as well as the article A New Argument for Anti-Natalism, Christopher Belshaw!

Buy The Value and Meaning of Life:

A New Argument for Anti-natalism:

Find more information about Christopher Belshaw, here:

Every Conceivable Harm: A Further Defense of Anti-Natalism by David Benatar:

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