The Sinner and The Saint

#42 -Real Life and Sh**

March 10, 2021 Melissa Bell & Allison Cain
The Sinner and The Saint
#42 -Real Life and Sh**
Show Notes
Whew...who knew that this would turn into a therapy session for Melissa? 
**Warning: She drops a four letter word towards the end of the episode.

Today we talk about our hardest truth to accept (we chatted about these truths last week:) and Allison tells us the best place in town to get collards!! 

Btw...have you ever taken the time to read what God's word says about you?  Below are just a few of the truths :)

  1. He adores and loves us deeply. 
  2. His desire is for us to sit at His feet and come to Him.
  3. He wants to use our past experiences/stories to bring others comfort and closer to Him. 
  4. We are enough, we have his approval, and don’t have to perform for it
  5. He will never leave us or forsake us (abandonment issues)
What is the most difficult truth for you to embrace and believe? Why?  We are going to get personal with this next week and share our struggles with you.