The Sinner and The Saint

# 56 - Not Your Job

August 25, 2021 Melissa Bell & Allison Cain
The Sinner and The Saint
# 56 - Not Your Job
Show Notes

If you are 

  • exhausted
  • unsure of next steps to take 
  • frustrated by strangers being all up in your business...


These days everyone feels like they have the right to know all about you, your beliefs, where you stand politically, scientifically, etc. 


Listen in as we chat about all of the  pressure society puts on us (or we put on ourselves) and discuss ways to combat it.

We also dive into finding your groove, letting go of things that are bogging you down, and the freedom in knowing where you are called to be at this time. (Hint: Less is more my friends:)

If you want to follow along in scripture,  we will be referencing Matthew 7 & Matthew 11, both from the message translation.