Living Waters for the World Podcast

A Conversation with LWW's Executive Director, Steve Young

March 21, 2022 Season 3 Episode 3
Living Waters for the World Podcast
A Conversation with LWW's Executive Director, Steve Young
Show Notes

In this episode, LWW's Executive Director Steve Young joins Kendall and Doug to share a "state of the organization" report and what he is excited about in 2022.

Living Waters for the World trains partners to work together so that communities have a sustainable source of purified drinking water. More partners mean more communities have access to pure water.  We all have a role to play when it comes to providing pure water for God's children. What part will you play? Reach out to us via our website and let's talk about water for all God's children. There's room at God's table for all of us!

Check out our 2022 trainings (Clean Water U) for water teams:
April 26-30 Camp Hopewell in Oxford, Mississippi (note: this session is almost at capacity and the deadline to register is April 8)
August 2-6 virtual training online
October 10-14 Johnsonburg Camp & Retreat Center in Johnsonburg, New Jersey

In this episode, we talk about water partnerships in terms of potlucks and round tables! While over the years, we've heard many different folks talk about partnerships in this way, we'd like to reference two in particular:

--Here's a link to a video from Michael Rhodes at the Chalmers Center that we reference in the podcast explaining  a potluck approach to mission. We encourage you to check out all of the excellent resources at the Chalmers Center

--The January 31, 2022 issue of The Presbyterian Outlook "Rethinking Mission" is another resource we encourage you to read. Our Education Team read several articles from that edition in preparation for a recent retreat. In the podcast, we mention a point Ellen Sherby (coordinator of Equipping Mission Involvement for the Presbyterian Church (USA)) makes in her article Making mission matter: Four steps to strengthen your mission committee found in that issue: "When only one community involved in the work participates and leads, mission falls flat and becomes like a fast-food drive-through."

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