S2E2: It's okay to panic... at first.

April 10, 2020 Toluwanimi Babarinde Season 2 Episode 2
S2E2: It's okay to panic... at first.
Show Notes

I froze. I could not get the next word out. No. For several awkward moments, I struggled, my mind racing through the points, unable to voice them out.  Everyone watched in anticipation, ostensibly praying that I would find my voice... 

I wish I could tell you I recovered. I didn’t. 


We all panic. 
We all doubt ourselves. 
We all have weaknesses. 
And we all want to make an impact in our world.

Today on StoryVox, using one of the worst ordeals of my life, I'm sharing why it's okay to panic. Why it's okay to doubt yourself —at first. And why it's not okay to stop there.

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"And because God gives us the opportunity to panic at first, we must then give God the opportunity to dispel the “I can’t” in our minds and show himself faithful."