Motivational Moments with Maria

Eliminate the ANTS from your life.

May 01, 2023 Maria Bradfield
Motivational Moments with Maria
Eliminate the ANTS from your life.
Show Notes

Hello my friends and welcome to Motivational Moments with Maria.

Thank you so much for reaching out.  Yes, I am OK. Yes, I was absent for a few weeks and yes, I’m back.   I took a much-needed break to re-calibrate and re-set. I am back with a new level of energy and commitment to deliver some thoughts and ideas on our continued journey of personal development and growth.

I truly was doing some personal development work on myself and then took a family vacation. It was wonderful. We all need to hit the re-set button now and then. 

Today’s topic seems to be a popular subject that so many of us struggle with. It’s about eliminating the ANTS in your life. These ANTS can derail your success.

Have you ever been to a picnic and watched as an army of ants take over a piece of melon or for that matter any piece of food that is available? The ANTS come marching in and start eating away at the melon until all that is left is the rind of melon.

Now imagine that piece of melon being attacked by the ANTS is your mind.  The army of ANTS attacking your mind has the same power.  Just like the army of ants can destroy a picnic, the ANTS in your mind can eat you up and paralyze you with fear and more.

Listen in on how to combat the ANTS.

Stay focused, stay positive and always have fun.