A Different Kind of Leader

Leadership Toolbox with Vivette Jeffries-Logan

November 29, 2022 Giselle Corbie Season 5 Episode 4
A Different Kind of Leader
Leadership Toolbox with Vivette Jeffries-Logan
Show Notes

This season's toolbox episode features Vivette Jeffries-Logan, one of the founding partners of Biwa Consulting and Emergent Equity. Biwa focuses on leadership, organizational, and equity development working with nonprofits, foundations, community organizations as well coaching thought partnership with individual leaders. In this episode, our guest discusses frameworks used by Biwa including personal/self inventory, worldview, the fallacy of objectivity, and guiding principles of relationship, responsibility, reciprocity, and redistribution.

Vivette Jeffries-Logan is a citizen of the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation (OBSN). She is a mother, Certified Executive Chef, mentor, teacher, leader, and advocate.

TIMESTAMPS: Intro (00:00) | Tell us about yourself (00:56) | About clients (02:49) | Personal inventory (05:13) | Worldview (09:54) | Four elements: counter narrative to power and profit (11:51) | Objectivity (18:26) | Indigenous leadership perspective (21:52) | Other examples of supporting leaders (27:33)



This episode is hosted by Giselle Corbie and produced by Rachel Quinto. Promoted by Shelby McLamb and engineered by Sam Williams. Music is by Mixaud and Chillout Lounge.

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