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Hot Fuss Wedding Band
The Wedding Band Show
Hot Fuss Wedding Band
Apr 18, 2021 Season 1 Episode 28
Brian Mc Dermott / Mark Kennedy

In this episode, I had a great chat with Mark Kennedy from the wedding band Hot Fuss. 

Mark is the bass player in the band and also sings.

Hot Fuss is a Galway-based wedding band and most of the band live in Portumna. The band recently won an award from and have been performing at weddings since about 2010. The band plays all over Ireland and Mark explains that their most regular area to cover is probably Cork & Kerry. The band was set up originally as a pub band and over the years have transformed into a wedding band. 
As Mark claims, Hot Fuss really are Irelands Top Number One Premier Wedding Band 😁

Hot Fuss Set List Style

Mark talks about how Hot Fuss always tries to find a balance in their setlist so that they can appeal to crowds on the cover scene but also have full dancefloors when they perform at weddings. The band usually play about 30 minutes of Jives and Waltzes at the beginning of a wedding but this can always change depending on the crowd. Hot Fuss also has the ability to perform a 2-hour rock set if needed. Mark also says that you need to give the crowd credit because most of the older guests still appreciate well-performed rock and disco classics and they will enjoy them as much as jives and waltzes. The other thing to consider is that young people will Jive at weddings if the songs are played well!

Hot Fuss has performed at hundreds of weddings so Mark recommends that a couple should relax and let the band do what they do best which will keep the dancefloor full all night.

You can find the episode that Mark references about learning the first dance here!

Hot Fuss Band Wedding Packages 2021

Hot Fuss Band has several different wedding packages available. Because Mark also has a one-man show he can provide the music for the drinks reception at a wedding. The band can also include a disco and Johnny the guitar player is also a professional wedding DJ.

Another option which has become popular is Mark Kennedy performing his one-man show instead of a disco. In this scenario, all the wedding guests can move back to the hotel bar after the band, relax and join in on a singsong if they wish. It’s a great idea and would work great for Irish weddings with smaller crowd sizes.

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