Tuning IN with Jeff… and sometimes Mindy!

Episode 1: Pilot featuring Jeffrey Kippel

January 31, 2022 Jeffrey Kippel Season 1 Episode 1
Tuning IN with Jeff… and sometimes Mindy!
Episode 1: Pilot featuring Jeffrey Kippel
Show Notes

In this episode we go deep with the host Jeffrey Kippel and his ”talking head”.  We cover his passion projects including one he had been working on since he was a teenager. www.jeffreykippel.com

Interesting Tidbit: 
Being that Jeff is helping interview himself, and it is the very first podcast Mindy has hosted, this episode is quite unique. Pay attention to their banter. They are also a long-time married couple. 

In the Spotlight:
Jeff reads from The Ridiculous Adventures of Serbinand and shares a video scene from the book. He is proud that it has been compared to The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Star Wars & Family Guy, and that it already ranked as an Audible Top 300 comedy.

Action Step: Dive into the book. If you catch yourself laughing or if it inspires a mindset shift, AHA moment or new awareness, let Jeff know!  Use #serbinand and @jeffreykippel

Being that laughter is so valuable, I have chosen my 1st Action Step to be about that. Laughing is therapy. My book, in my mind, is therapy too. It allows people the opportunity to enter a space of imagination, rather than focus anxiously on lists, tasks and struggles.

So… if you laugh out loud, take note. I want to know if you feel uplifted afterwards. I want to know if it changed your mood, shifted your energy. If it did, and you get my attention, you are eligible to win. 

My 2nd Action Step is to be on the lookout for anything that made you pause, think and rethink. I want to know your AHAs, new awarenesses and mindset shifts. Tag me on anything new that you did that resulted in something that made you feel proud, more happy, confident or fulfilled. 

Prizes to be won!

Use the hashtag #serbinand and @jeffreykippel 

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