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Ozark Radio Hour 11-5-17
November 05, 2017 Dan Krotz & Heartbreak Media

Host Dan Krotz shows up. He approaches adequacy. Does that convince you to tune in? No? Okay. How about, “Zeek’s got a new phone?” Or, “Our trip to an Indian dig-up in the OK State?” Yes, all that…and that’s just the program’s kick-off. Then:

Dr. Jim Young (6:45) presents BeHearNow. Jim continues his commentary on a Course of Love—and “a new you.” Jim discusses how we imprison ourselves—and others—with our feelings and doubts, and by giving away our power to be who we are.

Next up is the honorable Judge Kent Crow, retired, who tells us what we need to know before we engage a lawyer, how much we should pay for a lawyer’s services—and how to negotiate lower rates, in Things Your Mother Never told you.

Did you ever wonder how famous bands and groups got their names? How did the Beatles become the Beatles? Or Pink Floyd Pink Floyd? Susie Q tells all on The Roots and Reach of Music. Along the way, you’ll get to hear a little Bill Big Broonzy and Blind Boy Fuller.

Folks, thanks for tuning in to the Ozark Radio Hour.

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