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November 11, 2017 Dan Krotz & Heartbreak Media

A fascinating show today, folks. Host Dan Krotz spends 6 minutes and 23 seconds of your limited time on earth to describe his limited time on earth. But wait! There’s more!

Actor and activist Richard Pille (6:24) reads Wendell Berry’s The Peace of Wild Things.

Retired Judge Kent Crow (7:44) discusses the uncomfortable fact that our judicial system costs a whole lot more money than it used to cost—a lot of money—and he tells who gets stuck with the tab.

Author and publisher Sharon Laborde (15:02) Welcomes You to the Conversation and provides writers and wannabe writers with valuable tips on how to develop plots for the novels and short stories they’ve got cooking on their various literary stoves.

Early bluesman and singer Frank Stokes makes an appearance with Susie Q (25:07) on The Roots and Reach of Music and sings that early classic, Downtown Blues.

Folks, thanks for tuning in to The Ozark Radio Hour!

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