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ORH 12-4-17 Sharon Laborde On Having a Graceful Christmas and Kent Crow on Ethics.
December 04, 2017 Dan Krotz & Heartbreak Media

The entirely accidental host of the program, Dan Krotz, talks about the newly crafted Republican Tax Bill in All the News from Berryville and reports on Christmas Parades, turkeys, and not much else.

Sharon Laborde gives good advice about managing the stress of Christmas with grace and elegance in Welcome to the Conversation. Sharon’s conversation with us includes a brief side trip to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Closing out the show is Judge Kent Crow, who uses the 2016 Presidential Campaign as the background for a talk on ethics. What is ethics? How can you tell if someone is ethical? How can you tell if you are ethical? How did—and how do—our current raft of politicians stack up in the ethics department?

Friends, thanks so much for tuning in the show. We appreciate you.

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