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The Ozark Radio Hour 12-11-17 with Sharon Laborde & Susie Q.
December 11, 2017 Dan Krotz & Heartbreak Media

This would be an entirely cheerful show, spirit-elevating and grace-bestowing even, where it not for the unfortunate presence of our fill-in host, Dan Krotz, who insists on delivering All the News from Berryville in his usual nasal and flat-footed Midwestern style. But fear not, for Sharon Laborde and Susie Q save the day and the program from Krotz’s despairingly unoriginal contribution.

In Welcome to the Conversation Sharon reintroduces us to Charles Dickens, the author who helped make Christmas so special. Sharon’s analysis of A Christmas Carol, and of the miser Jacob Marley is masterful and wonderfully original.

Closing out the show is The Roots and Reach of Music with Susie Q. Susie takes on a rock and roll and blues tour of Christmas music and plays Blind Lemon Jefferson’s incredible Christmas Eve Blues. Folks, Merry Christmas, and thanks for tuning in to The Ozark Radio Hour.

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