The Harden Up Podcast

Ep 7: Ralph Juarez- Effective Police Fitness

August 05, 2020
The Harden Up Podcast
Ep 7: Ralph Juarez- Effective Police Fitness
Show Notes

Ralph Juarez talks about his law enforcement journey and becoming an agency instructor. We also discuss his work with Effective Fitness Training (EFT) and the role physical fitness and training play in a successful law enforcement career.

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Ralph shares his top 3 exercise movements:
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1. Agility drills / Sprints - We need to be able to move on our feet. We need to be QUICK and able to change directions fast. Imagine if you were sprinting in a crowded environment to move injured people from a dangerous environment to a safe environment. After a few minutes, you become fatigued and unable to continue your objective.  There could be multiple people who need YOU, and you wouldn't be able to help because you weren't prepared.

EFT sample:

4-5 100yd sprints at 70%-80%

4-6 sets of 4-cone box drill

2. Deadlifts - Our job often requires us to lift heavy things from the ground. We need to be able to have a strong hinge pattern so we can resort to using the right technique when an emergency comes. We don't have time to think about how to pick something up from the ground safely. We need to REACT quickly. If we train this pattern weekly in the gym, when the time comes to use it in the field, we are prepared.

EFT sample:

3 sets of 5 reps with heavy load while maintaining flat back

3. Loaded Carries (i.e. farmer carries) - We need to be able to carry things to be EFFECTIVE. This is a basic human movement pattern that separates us from other animals! Whether we are an officer and we need to carry someone to safety, or we are a parent and need to carry our child, we need to be prepared to carry.  You don't need any fancy equipment. You can use rocks, tree logs, sandbags, DBs/KBs, etc

EFT sample:

Farmer’s Carries - Carry heavy weights in both hands for 50-100ft. Then rest for 1-2 minutes and repeat 6-8 times. These too can be thrown into a metcon style workout to really challenge your grip and engine.

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