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Best Healthcare Podcasts 2019, 75th Episode Special

December 17, 2019 Carrie Chitsey Wells
The Executive Innovation Show
Best Healthcare Podcasts 2019, 75th Episode Special
Show Notes

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As 2019 comes to a close, we take a look back at the best healthcare podcasts of 2019 from The Executive Innovation Show Podcast. There has been big changes across the board! For the last 12 months we have witnessed an immense shift from the education of telehealth to the implementation and best practices of telehealth. 

Broken down into three sections; "Eye Opening Stats We Still Think About", "Innovations in Healthcare", and "The Year of Telehealth Adoption". Listen to what these top healthcare executives had to say this year. 

Eye Opening Stats We Still Think About 

In this section of the 75th Episode Special, we hear clips about some of the most eye opening stats heard on the podcast this year that we still think about today. Listen to these top clips from the following healthcare executives. 

  • Clinton Faupel - Co-Founder and Executive Director of RemedyLIVE
  • Philip Folsom - Co-Founder of The SPARTA Project
  • Caroline Boudreaux - Founder of The Miracle Foundation

Innovative Ways Healthcare is Changing 

In this section of the Best Healthcare Podcasts of 2019 - 75th Episode Special, we talk about the innovative ways healthcare is changing. From the use of telehealth to relieve waiting room build up to using telehealth to train patients on remote monitoring equipment. Hear some of the best innovative clips from this year from these healthcare executives: 

  • Emily Tyson - Senior Vice President of Strategy and Operations at Radix Health 
  • Chad Worz - CEO of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists 
  • Dr. Gordon Chen - Chief Medical Officer at ChenMed 
  • Dr. Sara Burdak - Chief Audiology Officer at Starkey Hearing Technologies 

The Year of Telehealth Adoption 

Was 2019 the year of telehealth adoption? Over the last few years, the adoption of telehealth has grown over 1900%!  This increase leads us to believe that 2019 was in fact the year of telehealth adoption, will 2020 be greater? Listen to this section to hear more about the specialties implementing telehealth. 

  • Jillian Bridgette Cohen - CEO & Co-Founder of Virtual Health Partners
  • Gary Larcenaire - CEO of Valley Behavioral Health
  • Dr. Brian Bluth - Owner of Bluth Medical Associates, LLC
  • Dr. Sharon Stoll - CEO of Global Consultant MD
  • Pete Stevenson - President and Chief Operating Officer of eCare21
  • Dr. Sonya Sloan - Orthopedic Surgeon and Author
  • Dr. John Noble Jr. - President and Chairman of Better Day Health

We would like to thank all of you for listening to The Executive Innovation Show Podcast this year! We also want to thank all of our great guests from around the country for joining us. We look forward to having the best and most innovative companies and executive on the show in 2020.  


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