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How to use Owner Financing to Grow Your Portfolio FAST! (VTBs) - Real Deals Show

May 27, 2022 Mel & Dave Dupuis
The Investor Mel & Dave Show
How to use Owner Financing to Grow Your Portfolio FAST! (VTBs) - Real Deals Show
Show Notes

Hello, and welcome to the Real Deals Show! In this episode, Mel and I will be chatting with Myuren.  He joined our Action Family Mentoring Program in May 2020 and had a single-family investment property. But after joining our program he fast-forwarded his growth and now solely owns 33 residential units for a total of 10 properties in Ontario!

These properties were funded using a mix of Vendor Take Backs (VTBs), unsecured/secured private money, and the sale proceeds from selling his #firstinvestmentproperty. The best part, he achieved all of this within 16 months!

He had concerns before joining the Action Family “I thought owning properties required a high salary in order to get approved for mortgages. When I got started last year at the age of 25 with a single income, I assumed it would be tough to qualify for mortgages”. One year later, he proves that anyone can do this!

Want to learn how he leveraged VTB’s, attracted private money, and achieved his goals? Then watch this show! We will also do a breakdown of some of his deals!

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