The Investor Mel & Dave Show

Maximizing Cashflow: Principal and Interest vs. Interest-only Loans

August 25, 2023 Mel & Dave Dupuis
The Investor Mel & Dave Show
Maximizing Cashflow: Principal and Interest vs. Interest-only Loans
Show Notes

🎥 Welcome to the Investor Dave Show! Let's dive into the key distinction between Principal and Interest (P&I) loans versus Interest-only loans. 💰

While the traditional route is P&I, there's a whole different approach - Interest-only loans, our personal favorite due to advantages such as higher cash flow and maintaining a "healthier" deal. 📈💪

📹 In this video, we'll discuss the differences, explore the pros and cons, and point out insights and things to consider between principal and interest vs. interest-only loans.

Plus, we'll share a creative financing perspective that can help you scale your portfolio. Don't miss this essential info for smarter property investing that could transform your real estate journey! 🏠🚀

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