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How This Investor Bought 41 Units in Less Than Six Months With OPM - Other People’s Money!

September 22, 2023 Mel & Dave Dupuis
The Investor Mel & Dave Show
How This Investor Bought 41 Units in Less Than Six Months With OPM - Other People’s Money!
Show Notes

🎥 Welcome to The Real Deals Show! Meet Simon, a member of our Action Family™, who found success in real estate by changing his way of thinking and breaking through limitations.  🏘️✨

Simon joined our Action Family™ in July 2022,  and began his investment journey this January. In just 6 months, he acquired 41 units and gained over half a million dollars in value—a dream he never thought could come true. 💰

Simon's secret? He's got a fantastic team backing him, and he knows the importance of never giving up. He’s a firm believer that obstacles are opportunities for growth. 💪He dreams big, maintains a positive attitude, and practices gratitude every day. 🌟

👉 What’s next for Simon? He's on track to achieve his goal of acquiring 13 properties or 100 doors in his first year! His ultimate aim? Complete and total freedom through real estate investing. 📈

👉 His advice to those starting out: "Change your mindset: get a good, healthy, strong mindset. Come from abundance, not from scarcity and lack. Fear is fine, but push through it! And if you have trouble pushing through it, reach out and find somebody who will help you get over it! Once you push through that fear, on the other side it's success".💪🌅

✅ If you want to connect with Simon, look him up on Facebook and send him a DM. 📱😊
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