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The Best Tool To Discover Off-Market Deals: Privy!

October 06, 2023
The Investor Mel & Dave Show
The Best Tool To Discover Off-Market Deals: Privy!
Show Notes

Welcome to a new episode of the Investor Mel and Dave Show! 😄
🔍 Tired of sifting through countless listings? We have a solution for you…

Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to Benson Juarez and his platform, Privy. 🚀

Privy is a game-changing software that simplifies the process of discovering both on and off-market deals across the US. It allows you to perform quick comparable analysis, and identify precise market rents for specific neighborhoods, among other awesome things! 💡

What truly sets Privy apart is its direct connection to the MLS, ensuring you receive the most accurate and up-to-date data. Additionally, it taps into property management companies, providing rental insights straight from industry experts. If you're a busy investor seeking efficiency and time-saving research, Privy is your secret weapon. 😉

Don't miss out on this opportunity! 🌟 Enhance your Real Estate investment strategy with Privy.
Click below to get it NOW! 👇

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