The Investor Mel & Dave Show

The Truth Behind Mortgages... What They Won't Tell You!

December 01, 2023 Mel & Dave Dupuis
The Investor Mel & Dave Show
The Truth Behind Mortgages... What They Won't Tell You!
Show Notes

Ever wondered how mortgages really work? 💰

Join us on this week's episode of "The Investor Dave Show" to discover the things financial institutions don't always share…

🏡 I’ll break down the mystery of why, in those initial years of a 25 or 30-year mortgage, it feels like you're mostly paying interest, and explain why hitting the reset button with refinancing every five years is a thing… 📈

No mortgage bashing here. We get it… They're a part of life, and we've got them too!

But understanding how they work and being well-informed to make decisions can make a huge difference for real estate investors like me and you. 🙌

Ready to up your mortgage knowledge? Hit play now! 🎥


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