The Investor Mel & Dave Show

Real Estate Couple Buys Cash-Flowing Building With Zero Money Down.

January 06, 2024
The Investor Mel & Dave Show
Real Estate Couple Buys Cash-Flowing Building With Zero Money Down.
Show Notes

Welcome to The Real Deals Show! In this episode, meet Susan and Daniel Morgan from our Action Family™ as they share their journey, strategies, and successes.

🏠 From Backpacking to Real Estate: Their journey began 11 years ago when love brought them from an Australian banana farm to Canada. In 2018, they took their first step into real estate by purchasing a home with a basement suite, sparking their interest in becoming landlords.

💡 Diving into Real Estate: Encouraged by their initial success, Susan and Daniel delved into real estate education and joined our Action Family™ in September 2022.

🚀 Taking Action: Just four months after joining, they acquired an 8-Plex, their largest property. Today, they proudly own a total of 15 units, with 9 operating as Airbnb properties and the rest serving as long-term rentals.

👉 What’s next for Susan and Dan? They're exploring investments in the Dominican Republic!  🌴

👉 Their advice to those starting out: Make sure you put proper conditions on your deals, do your due diligence, interview your tenants, and investigate everything!

✅ Connect with them: Find them on Instagram, Facebook, or check out their website: Twilight Properties Inc.


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