The Investor Mel & Dave Show

How They Went from a -$35K Debt to Building a $2.2 Million Real Estate Portfolio Across Provinces

January 26, 2024
The Investor Mel & Dave Show
How They Went from a -$35K Debt to Building a $2.2 Million Real Estate Portfolio Across Provinces
Show Notes

In this exciting Real Deals Episode, meet the dynamic duo, Jomy and Jaison, a power couple from our Action Family™, working together towards financial freedom!

🧑‍⚕️ They are Nurses by profession and are based in a lucrative secondary market. Their real estate journey began in 2020 with the purchase of their primary residence, setting a goal to acquire one property per year.

🏘️They had to learn everything from scratch and even started doing the renovations themselves! ⚒️

They joined our Action Family™ in 2022, and now they own an impressive $2.2 million rental portfolio across provinces, with three property managers overseeing it.

✨Tune in to learn from their invaluable insights, discover why Vendor Take Back (VTB) makes the top list of their favourite creative financing strategies, and get motivated to take action in your own real estate journey!! 🤑

🎯What's Next for them: Jaison and Jomy will keep adding new properties to their portfolio, including a 5-plex by the end of this month and two more triplexes closing next month!

👉 Advice for Beginners: "Don't spend too much time on one deal, and don't get emotionally attached!"

✅ If you want to connect with them, follow Jaison on Instagram @investor_jaison_johnson and other social media platforms. 🙂


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