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From Working A Day Job To Flipping Houses - Women of Action (Ep. 7)

March 09, 2021 Mel & Dave Dupuis Episode 7
The Investor Mel & Dave Show
From Working A Day Job To Flipping Houses - Women of Action (Ep. 7)
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to another episode of Investor Mel - Women of Action! In this episode, I'm speaking with Jacqueline Marshall. Jacqueline is a former dental hygienist turned real estate investor. Her story of quitting her 9 - 5 and taking on flipping/investing full time is truly inspiring!

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"I am a former Dental Hygienist who started REI 6ish years ago. My journey started as a landlady which grew to 6 shh and then I transitioned into flipping houses. I am a self-taught DIY-er. I started with what I call lipstick flips and graduated into flips that required much more scale of work...I started flipping a little over 3 years ago. I do all the renovation work, project and property management.
I started down this path unknowingly but once I realized the scale, potential and benefits it could offer I was hooked and ran with it.
My goals are to keep scaling up with projects that challenge me and give me a creative outlet as that's very important to me. Also, I hope my journey my story empowers women to realize that they can do this !!! I would also like to explore other real estate opportunities such as guest speaking and possibly growing myself as a brand."


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