Pain Speak

Q&A: Is Pain All In The Mind?

March 19, 2021 Deepak Ravindran Season 1 Episode 4
Pain Speak
Q&A: Is Pain All In The Mind?
Show Notes

Since the launch of my book, 'The Pain Free Mindset' and the 'Pain Speak' podcast I've received a lot of questions which I'm going to answer over the next few episodes. 

In this episode I discuss the title of the book and answer the question; is the pain free mindset an indication of the belief that pain is all in the mind? (2:20)

The second question I tackle at 6:36 in this podcast is; is it fair to compare the physical pain experienced between one person and another?

At 8:12 I answer a third question; how can patients deal with psychological stress which manifests itself as physical pain?

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