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Longcovid - How can the respiratory therapist help you?

April 23, 2021 Deepak Ravindran Season 2 Episode 4
Pain Speak
Longcovid - How can the respiratory therapist help you?
Show Notes

It has been a hugely gratifying  and humbling experience to get the chance to set up the Longcovid Service for Berkshire and work with a great team from primary and community care. We have learnt a lot and are continuing to learn as we help our patients suffering from Longcovid and offer them support, a listening ear, appropriate testing and treatments where available in a  trauma informed manner.

In this episode, I speak to my fellow colleague Frankie Knight, a specialist respiratory physiotherapist. Frankie has been working with COVID patients admitted in hospital from the first wave onwards and has also done longstanding respiratory rehab for patients with long term lung conditions.  When I set up the Longcovid service, her experience alongside her colleague Laura Cornish, has been invaluable in providing assessment and support for those patients struggling with breathlessness and chest pain symptoms despite having normal tests and scans. Breathing pattern disroders are very common and she talks about simple measures which you can do for yourself in this episode.

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