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Longcovid - What can be done about loss of taste and smell?

May 12, 2021 Deepak Ravindran and Jane Parker Season 2 Episode 8
Pain Speak
Longcovid - What can be done about loss of taste and smell?
Show Notes

It has been a hugely gratifying  and humbling experience to get the chance to set up the Longcovid Service for Berkshire and work with a great team from primary and community care. We have learnt a lot and are continuing to learn as we help our patients suffering from Longcovid and offer them support, a listening ear, appropriate testing and treatments where available in a  trauma informed manner.

In this episode, I speak to associate Professor Jane Parker based at the University of Reading. Trustee and Advisor to the charity Abscent. A chemist by training, she is based at the Flavour Centre and has had huge experience of work around olfaction and food smells. With previous experience of looking after people with smell disorders in other viral infections and brain injury, she is the right person to talk to us about taste and smell and the strange changes that happen in some people after COVID 19.

She talks to us in great detail about anosmia (complete loss of smell) and parosmia (altered smells) and how it can be managed and treated.
Find out more about the Abscent Charity here

Click here to know more about smell retraining.

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