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Longcovid - How to beat Brain Fog Part 2 with Dr Sabina Brennan

July 29, 2021 Deepak Ravindran
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Longcovid - How to beat Brain Fog Part 2 with Dr Sabina Brennan
Show Notes

Welcome to the second part of this 2 part episode where I speak to Dr Sabina Brennan. a clinical psychologist, neuroscientist, fellow podcaster and best selling author of the book on how to beat Brain Fog. 

As we know, Brain fog and congitive dysfunction is one of the most common sysmptoms noted in Longcovid. Treatments are still emerging and I thought it would be a fascinating and hugely useful to hear from a researcher and scientist and someone with lived exeperience herself on how to overcome brain Fog. Dr. Brennan discusses the reasons for brain fog, the present causes and the treatment option available and why we must pay attention.

In this episode, we delive deeper into how her 4 week program can really help with brain fog reduction in a careful evidence based manner. There are no quick fixes here however Sabina shows that done properly, there can be lasting recovery from something as complex as brain fog.

A little bit more about Dr Sabina Brennan is available below
Sabina Brennan (PhD., C.Psychol.,PsSI.) 

Dr Sabina Brennan is a psychologist, neuroscientist, speaker, host of the Super Brain podcast and author of two Irish Times No 1 best sellers (100 Days to a Younger Brain (2019) and Beating Brain Fog (2021). Sabina is on a mission to get people to look after their brain health as routinely as they look after their dental health.

Her public engagement projects, which include quirky animations and brain health websites aim to increase the societal impact of scientific research by translating complex content into easy-to-understand resources for general audiences. Her animations have been viewed in more than 140 countries and have been translated into 15 languages.

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