Roofing Business Builder Podcast

How To Automate Your Roofing Business With Ken Kelly

April 23, 2021 Roofing Business Builder Season 2 Episode 6
Roofing Business Builder Podcast
How To Automate Your Roofing Business With Ken Kelly
Show Notes

Roofing business owners grow profits quickly through automating various tasks within sales, production and training. Welcome to the Roofing Business Builder podcast! This week I sat down virtually with my friend Ken Kelly. Ken is CEO of Naples, Florida, based Kelly Roofing and one of the top 50 roofing contractors in the United States. Ken is also an accomplished pilot, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. In this episode he gives us his secret to automating his roofing business and using a KPI scorecard. To learn more about Ken, follow him on LinkedIn and connect with the Roofing Technology Think Tank 

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