Radio - What Happened?
Episode #33: One of the great DJs of all time -- tribute to Charlie Tuna!
Episode #33: One of the great DJs of all time -- tribute to Charlie Tuna! 40:19 Episode #32: Everybody did it. Did you? 28:12 Episode #31: Who Invented radio? If you said Marconi, you might not be right. 25:36 Episode #30: Radio: What Happened 28:29 Episode #29: Old Time Radio - What Happened? 26:37 Episode #28: Our tribute to one of the best morning drive personalities ever -- Ron Chapman of KVIL, Dallas. 30:02 Episode #27: Our year end podcast, with some of the highlights of the past year. 14:26 Episode #26: Remember the election of 1920? We do. In fact, it was the first time election returns were broadcast on the radio. KDKA in Pittsburgh was the station, and politics would never be the same. 13:46 Episode #25: Salute to WKRP's Thanksgiving Episode -- Turkeys Away! 11:57 Episode #24: Who remembers The Last Contest? This week, we listen to some promos and air checks of that famous event. Plus, more Chickenman, Gary Owens and the future of Am Radio. 27:42 Episode #23: More from Hollywood Hamilton! Yes, Hollywood was kind enough to send us air checks of his career! Starting in Reno Nevada in 1979, all the way through KISS FM in 1991. Since then, he's moved back to New York City to do afternoons at WKTU. 28:06 Episode #22: Finally! Our conversation with Hollywood Hamilton. He's in the National Radio Hall of Fame. He's worked with some of the all time greats in the radio industry. And he currently has two syndicated radio shows, airing nationally. You're go 37:00 Episode #21: Part 2 of our conversation with Stan Webb, one of Gordon McLendon's "Magnificent Seven", plus Music Montage #3! 22:15 Episode #20: A One Hit Wonder -- and an interview with one of Gordon McLendon's "Magnificent Seven". 23:30 Episode #19: Our talk with producer/director Roger King about his documentary "I Am What I Play". Great conversation about this incredible movie about 4 jocks who were strong enough to play what they wanted. And a replay of our Music Montage #2. 47:22 Episode #18: Lots to talk about -- an upcoming interview with Roger King, the producer/director of the documentary about rock dj's called "I Am What I Play". Also, a listen to what Radio London sounded like in 1967, and of course, more from our commerci 18:22 Episode #17: Listen to an epsidode of The Tooth Fairy, another music montage contest, and audio of Casey Kasem. 14:35 Episode #16: Interview with Chuck Ingersoll -- with airchecks of Jack Armstrong, Ron Britain, Don Rose, Big Ron O'Brien -- and audio clips of Chuck himself, at WCMF and WSAY. 39:44 Episode #15: Interview with Lisa Orkin, daughter of the great Dick Orkin -- with samples of radio spots and an episode of Chickenman! 28:20 Episode #14: Interview with Sean Ross, editor of the Ross On Radio Newsletter - and Lost Songs of the 70's and 80's! Plus, our first contest -- see if you can name all these songs! 31:52 Episode #13: Who came up with "Top 40"? Todd Storz or Gordon Mclendon? Find our in this week's episode. Plus a fantastic "Top 40" aircheck from KTLK in Denver. 21:21 Episode #12: Interview with Dan O'Day, of O'Bits and O'Liners fame. Plus a recording of John Records Landecker's first words on radio, back in 1963. And finally, air checks of Rick Dees and Jay Thomas back in the early 70's. 33:33 Episode #11: Part 2 of our interview with the Great Bobby Ocean -- An air check from the first week of BOSS RADIO at KHJ in '65 -- and more talk about the Brinkley Act and how it's come back into the news. 35:39 Episode #10 -- Conversation with Kris Abrams - Operations Manager for Cumulus/Albuquerque 23:58 Episode #9 -- Our interview with the great Bobby Ocean -- and air checks from two stations he worked at, KFRC in San Franciso and KHJ in Los Angeles! 28:51