Northplace Church Podcast

Stay On Mission

September 29, 2019 Pastor Bryan Jarrett
Northplace Church Podcast
Stay On Mission
Show Notes

God put you on this earth for two reasons: 1. That your life would bring him glory 2. That you would use your life fulfill his mission in the world. His mission is that none would perish but all would come to everlasting life. His driving passion is to be in a life-giving, eternity-altering relationship with as many of us as possible.

People who are committed to God’s mission in the world can learn from Moses’ life and leadership. He shows us 8 principles that will keep us on mission.

1. The credibility of the mission is not measured by the opinions naysayers.
2. The journey is always more difficult than first perceived.
3. Focusing on vision (the preferred future) does not devalue previous experiences.
4. Attitudes and actions should never be determined by personal disappointment.
5. God’s mission is indispensable…I am not.
6. Gods assignment is not limited by personal deficiency.
7. Failure is never final and victory is rarely instantaneous.
8. Spiritual victory is a team sport.