Light 'Em Up

The 5 Phases of Anger & Aggression Management. We Unpack the Slap Heard 'Round the World by Will Smith from a Criminal Justice, Physical Security, Crisis & Anger Management Perspective

April 13, 2022 Phillip Rizzo Season 3 Episode 6
Light 'Em Up
The 5 Phases of Anger & Aggression Management. We Unpack the Slap Heard 'Round the World by Will Smith from a Criminal Justice, Physical Security, Crisis & Anger Management Perspective
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In the wake of the “slap heard ’round the world” – the “slap” that actor Will Smith delivered to the face of comedian Chris Rock – and the instantaneous implosion of Smith’s world-wide “nice-guy reputation” on March 27th during the 94th Annual Academy Awards as presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, honoring the best films of 2021 – in this exclusive episode we drill deep and wide, focusing the light of the truth on the 5 phases of aggression – and aggression management.

We’ll unpack and investigate the slap in its entirety from a criminal justice physical security – crisis and anger management perspective. 

Should Will Smith have been arrested for battery? What are your thoughts? 

Battery is a frequently filed criminal offense that involves any intentional and unlawful physical contact on another person.

In this episode we peel back the layers of the essential details that center around and explain the arousal cycle of anger which has 5 phases: The trigger, escalation, crisis, recovery, and depression phases.

Understanding the cycle helps us to understand our own reactions better and those reactions and responses from others.

It’s imperative that we learn how to recognize the stages of anger that we’ve discussed and employ counter-measures explained in the episode to interrupt the process and find an “off ramp” for our rising emotions and not lose our cool as Will Smith did – ending up discrediting your name and ruining your reputation.

Is your business prepared for a crisis? 

Do you know the essential strategic steps to take if and when a crisis strikes to protect your reputation and your business from suffering irreputable damage with the public?

How do you protect your good name that you’ve worked so hard to establish? If you don’t control the narrative someone else will.

Do you have in place, today –   a crisis mitigation plan?

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It’s not that people plan to fail – it’s too often they fail to plan.

Anger is a real emotion – it isn’t something that should be repressed. Anger kills! Anger needs to be managed. When managed properly it can thrust you onward towards positive change. When managed poorly or not at all – it can kill – yourself – or others.

You don’t want that. We can help you to improve your interpersonal relations at work, home and at play.

“The best time to prepare for an emergency is before, not during nor after one occurs.”

You can spend a lifetime developing, honing and crafting your “image” and in a blink-of-an eye – with one act of poor judgement -- ruin it forever.

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In a time of division, facts unite!
Phil Rizzo
Executive Producer