Light 'Em Up

Moving towards chaos or community? Dr. Sandy Womack, Area Superintendent of Columbus, Ohio schools, charts our path

June 13, 2020 Phillip Rizzo Season 1 Episode 8
Light 'Em Up
Moving towards chaos or community? Dr. Sandy Womack, Area Superintendent of Columbus, Ohio schools, charts our path
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In this episode we are extremely fortunate to sit down and spend time with Dr. Sandy Womack. Dr. Womack is the area superintendent of the Columbus, Ohio school district (the largest district in the state of Ohio).

Dr. Sandy Womack is a lifetime educator with 30+ years of experience. He is an  inspirational, motivational leader, frequent keynote speaker, role model as well as an Urban Educational Transformation Specialist -- most importantly to me, he is a dear friend of mine.

Earning his Ph. D from Ashland University (in Ashland, Ohio) Dr. Womack has been an urban pioneer blazing a trail of impactful successes that have grown and benefitted the future leaders, the students of today. At only 29 years of age, Dr. Womack earned and was awarded his own building, as head principal, a rare and unique accomplishment. 

Dr. Womack is the author of two books: "Even the best of plans go astray" and "Creating Successful Urban Schools: The Urban Educators Month by Month Guide to School Improvement”.  The cornerstone of his educational philosophy that has led to tremendous positive outcomes is that, "exposure changes expectations and experiences change lives”.  His turnaround leadership skills and his targeted strategic vison have transformed and re-molded urban schools from academic emergency to an effective ranking in very short time span.  His insight makes it very plain that educationally, if you start off behind, you have to run farther and faster just to attempt to catch up.

Dr. Womack stresses the importance that, "it is not how you start, but rather, how you finish" that is crucial to the positive, transformational life processes. He is wise beyond his years.  He cogently explains that it is imperative to "focus on the seed, to focus on the youth"  as a means of bringing about change. 

In our discussion entitled:  “Moving towards Chaos or Community”...

Dr. Womack dispatched each of our tough questions with un-equivocating, hard-hitting facts.  We asked:  

  • How do we make the U.S. Constitution a reality for all of its citizens?  
  • As an educator what do we need to be doing today in order to shrink the “school to prison pipeline”? 
  • and many others

One of Dr. Womack's idols, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, said, "He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." --- Dr. Womack explained the prophetic accuracy and timeliness of this specific quote in the wake of the extra-judicial killing of George Floyd, in Minneapolis, MN. 

We talked about race, inequality in education, the criminal justice system, U.S. history and the past, present and future status of this country, examining in painstaking detail as to whether we are on a bullet train to chaos or community.  Dr. Womack provides a simple,  clear and easy to understand life strategy that we all can achieve together, moving forward with love. 

We hope you enjoy this episode.
Phil Rizzo
Programming Director