"IGotYou" podcast

I Will Not Give Up Challenge

May 25, 2019 AL Bell
"IGotYou" podcast
I Will Not Give Up Challenge
Show Notes

Continuing on with the "I Will Challenge",  I want to share how important it is Not to Give Up!

Giving up is an easy way out to an otherwise good learning opportunity. Just think of how one feels when they feel the pressure of having to take a test. Most times we all would rather learn the material and just get the grade. 

If this was the case the teacher would never really know how well we learned the material and just distribute the grade. Thankfully this is not the case for all of us. 

There is something to said for studying and then going through the testing. Life has a way of doing this for us in order to help us grow socially and personally. 

I speak on the importance of Not Giving Up and staying in the test to glean life's lessons. Stay locked in!

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