"IGotYou" podcast

I Will Look to the Positive

October 12, 2018 Al Bell
"IGotYou" podcast
I Will Look to the Positive
Show Notes

Hello friend, and welcome back to another episode of  “I Got You” Podcast. 

Today I want to share how important it is to look to the positive in things that happen to us while on our journey in this life. With plenty of negativity in the world today, it stands to reason there will need to be positive vibes also. 

If the mind is geared to always take a negative approach to events that happen in the world then automatically this will breed more negativity. If the opposite is true of positive events then there will automatically be plenty of positivity to spread also. 

In this episode, I share how this principle is reinforced and how adopting it can literally change one's outlook on how life is viewed.

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